Day: February 1, 2020

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Don’t Ignore Your Needs

Don’t let your disability dictate your limitations! You are still in charge of both you and your environment. By adjusting to your disability both emotionally …

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Universal Design

Universal design is the design of products and environments that is usable by all people without the need for adaptations. Some people use the term …

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Diagnosis vs. Prognosis

Diagnosis and prognosis are very different concepts based on different criteria. Diagnosis refers to identifying the nature or cause of the condition. Prognosis refers to …

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The Art of Advocacy

Why is self-advocacy so under used in our society? I think because it gets confused between aggressiveness and assertiveness. This confusion is just as misunderstood …


Marion Trimble’s Story: Part 1- Blood Money

These are the last entries where I do not suspect anything is wrong with me. I’m in a race to be free of the toxic relationship I’m in and running my body into the ground.

Do You Have Questions?

Our Facebook page is a great place to connect and learn from other disabled people who may have similar experiences to you. Please join us!

We started this project to be able to help other people with disabilities be aware of all their options. If you have a specific questions, let us know. We have worked with non-profits and have experience navigating the system. We’re happy to help!