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Transfer Your Potential

Why is it that when most of society looks at people with disabilities or seniors they only see what is apparent right in front of …

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Helpful Links

We hope you’ll find the following articles helpful. We did! Assistive Technology for One Handed Cooking- Basic Food Prep

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Pandemic Lessons

Some tips on dealing with a crisis: Remember to stay connected to your family and friends. It can be easyto get wrapped up in your …

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Tips & Tricks for the Kitchen

Above style oven is for the kitchen and as you can see has doors that open to the sides rather than in the front. The …

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10 Things That Can Make Your Kitchen More User Friendly

I love to cook! But I have difficulty keeping my balance because of neurological damage. It espe- cially bothers me if I try to bend …

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Can You Cut That for Me Please?

If you struggle with cutting up your own food when you go out to eat, never fear, I have a solution for you!. For years, …

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There’s (Probably) an App for That

Things like mobile ordering coffee and movie tickets, and being able to pre-purchase lunch online from the nearest sandwich shop has completely revolutionized my life, …

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