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Are we being warehoused again?

Are we warehousing our people? Institutions have been banned long ago but there is a subtle, ever so gentle push to contain, manage and control …

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Diagnosis vs. Prognosis

Diagnosis and prognosis are very different concepts based on different criteria. Diagnosis refers to identifying the nature or cause of the condition. Prognosis refers to …

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The Art of Advocacy

Why is self-advocacy so under used in our society? I think because it gets confused between aggressiveness and assertiveness. This confusion is just as misunderstood …

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Contacting Your Representative

What is the best way to contact your representative? I asked this question to a representative‚Äôs assistant. I was told that between calling, emailing, or …

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As a person with a disability you must constantly check and hold accountable our political leaders whether at state or federal level. Just because they …

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