New to Disability

Newly disabled people can feel frightened, abandoned and without direction as pain and loss often dominate their recovery. These feelings can sometimes prolong further growth and progress into a new, functional and successful life.

Although these feelings are normal and to be expected you do not want to get stuck there to the extent you become a victim of entitlements. Recognize this stage is just a phase in the journey of becoming a new stronger, adaptable and knowledge human being. Recognize that a disability means changes, but it won’t ruin everything. Disabled people can live happy and meaningful lives. 

Keep all your doctors’ appointments. A doctor can help you evaluate your condition and find ways to keep your health in good shape. A word of caution here, most physicians are not trained in independent living. You need to do your research on your condition and what options are available in order to relay to your doctor that you are in control of your life now.

Tell the people around you the truth. It will make for a better situation if they understand how difficult this is for you. The same applies here that applied to the doctor. Do your research, make calls of inquiry. Stay in control of your choices.

Get a strong support network. It’s important to have people around you who care about you and can help you through hard times. Open up to them. It’s okay to be vulnerable, and it’s okay to ask for support. In the long run, you will be glad you did. If you are uncomfortable talking about your situation try our blog and search for answers from other disabled people with experience.

Meet the disabled community. People with disabilities get together on the internet, in support groups, and through disability organizations. They can show you by example that it’s possible to be happy and disabled at the same time. Consider getting involved in a disability advocacy organization if you feel strongly about.

Maintain your hobbies or get a new one. It might be the perfect time to experience something you were always meaning to do. 

The disability world was new to me in 1989. I went through all of these steps so slowly I thought each step was all there was but I ended up having a wonderful life with a long career, great friends and a community I learned how to navigate My life, in many ways, is so much better than before my disability. It changed me into a deeper and stronger human being. It will change you to if you allow the magic metamorphous to happen.

If you’re interested, head on over to our Facebook group and introduce yourself. You’ll find a community of people with disabilities who have answers, tips, and a listening ear.


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Do You Have Questions?

Our Facebook page is a great place to connect and learn from other disabled people who may have similar experiences to you. Please join us!

We started this project to be able to help other people with disabilities be aware of all their options. If you have a specific questions, let us know. We have worked with non-profits and have experience navigating the system. We’re happy to help!