Pandemic Lessons

Some tips on dealing with a crisis:

Remember to stay connected to your family and friends. It can be easy
to get wrapped up in your own chaotic world but through reaching out
to friends and family keeps us in touch with others that may need some
encouragement. We may even need some support ourselves.

In these times of uncertainty and chaos, hold fast to your core values
and your dearest truths. They will give you peace and calm amidst the
chaos. This might include your faith in God, humanity or the universe.

Go places with your friends. Whether it is grocery shopping, going to
the mall, or any other adventure, it is always wise to partner with
someone who can help you to look out for each other. You may need to
keep six feet apart, but you can still be there for each other during
these trying times. Choose buddies who are caring and who honor your
values and beliefs.

Stay Fit and emotionally Strong. You need all your strength in times of
crisis. Physical exercise must be an important element to your fitness
plan, but so do mental and spiritual exercise. Be sure to include
intellectual stimulation and spiritual practices, like prayer and
meditation, in your workout plan. You are going to need those muscles

I also admire people with disabilities as we pull together and show our
resilience. It is inspiring to me to feel our shared determination to
overcome, and our unafraid optimism that we will defeat this.

I feel good about life, despite everything that is going on. Sure, I am sad
about my cancelling my California trip to visit friends and family, but I
know we will get there when the time is right. More importantly, I am
proud to be part a of the disability community working together to
overcome an obstacle. I realize that this crisis and the way we deal with
it will define any future crisis we may face.

Every experience in life teaches us something if we have the courage to
examine it. My challenge to you is to look at your own experience right
now and consider these questions:

Which core values are you leaning on for support?

How are you staying connected to your friends?

What are you practicing staying physically, mentally, and spiritually

The answers to these questions will define you during this and any

As always, your input is welcomed and appreciated!


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