Contacting Your Representative

What is the best way to contact your representative? I asked this question to a representative’s assistant. I was told that between calling, emailing, or writing a letter that writing a personal letter is the best way to ensure your concerns are read.  Most use email to get a quick reading of what the feels are on any subject that may come up during session. Calling on the phone you, more than likely, get a person who will talk to you but may not relay your concerns to the legislature.

 Writing is the best form of communication when you want to express your concerns. When writing a letter consider using a bright envelope. This usually gets their attention and your letter would be opened and quickly read. Include a business card and if you don’t have one a 3 x5 card with your contact information on it should do. You may want to list some of the experiences you have such as parenting with a disability, raising a disabled child, or current barriers you may face such as lack of affordable accessible housing. Any bill that may come up that could deal with an area you have listed; you might get a call for further information from your representative. 

Good luck on your advocacy and let us know how it is going.


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