In Time of Crisis

Sometimes we find ourselves in situations where we may be homeless, in abusive relationship, or have no food.

If you find yourself on the verge of being homeless consider going to your local library. With the help of the librarian you can find resources to assist you in finding shelter, food, and legal aid.

If you need to talk to the police, please do! But be careful, the police and others you may communicate with may be mandated reporters. A mandat- ed reporter shall report any suspicion in which a person or a child’s welfare may be at risk in their opinion.

A place for people with disabilities to consider is This site lists all of the Centers for Independent Living nationwide to help you to find one near you to assist in your specific situation. The Center near you has trained specialist who will know resources in your community.

Please share your suggestions by going online to our Facebook Page Disability-Connections. We are founded in an “each one teach one” philoso- phy that collectively has the power to change people’s lives for the better through our experiences.


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Do You Have Questions?

Our Facebook page is a great place to connect and learn from other disabled people who may have similar experiences to you. Please join us!

We started this project to be able to help other people with disabilities be aware of all their options. If you have a specific questions, let us know. We have worked with non-profits and have experience navigating the system. We’re happy to help!