As a person with a disability you must constantly check and hold
accountable our political leaders whether at state or federal level. Just
because they were elected to fill a position does not mean they are
automatically experts in all that their position asks of them. One way to
do this is to educate them! Do your homework on what your subject
matter is. Study both the pros and cons of passing a bill you propose.
When you get your facts together only then do you contact your
political leader for a meeting.

If you are invited to speak on the floor to a committee concerning your
issue, HAVE YOUR FACT S TOGETHER! A friend of mine, Richard Greene,
had an issue that was near and dear to his heart. He made
appointments to talk to his political leader in his district. One day the
leader contacted Richard and ask if he would speak to a committee
concerning his issue. The committee tore him apart with questions that
he was not prepared for from the opposing political leaders. Because of
this unfortunate experience he chose not to continue his advocacy.


Check back for political updates!


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